“Unforgettable melodies, thick synth and guitar textures, and an emphasis on honest, spacious songwriting that can only be found in the Midwest.” - Little Village Magazine
“This is the type of music you put in your car and next thing you know you are moving along at 20 miles over the speed limit.” - DMMC
“They have been electrifying listeners all throughout with their eclectic mix of catchy guitar hooks, smooth bass lines, and unique vocal delivery.” - BuzzFeed
“They inhabit the perfect balance between sentimentality and youthful invigoration with their music and collective persona.” - WQAD
“Simple, clean and intriguing –– there's no hiding from the hooks of John June Year.” - Sound In The Static
“The group has clearly demonstrated a talent for performance, arrangement and songwriting.” - Pulse
“Their music fills the gap between British guitar rock and and contemporary torch-bearers such as the Arctic Monkeys.” - Iowa Public Radio
“Memorable hooks are all over the tracks, from the in-your-face synth lines to the walking guitar riffs. ” - Iowa State Daily

John June Year is the longtime creative project of Greg Heysinger and Colin Sullivan, two friends and guitarists who have been playing music together in basements, living rooms, and bars since they were in high school. They’ve progressed from kids ripping through punk covers to crafting smart, guitar driven, hook-laden pop tunes.

Modern Motives is the band’s first recorded effort since 2014’s Pop Sucker EP and is their first full-length album. It contains in its tight 10 song tracklist a socially anxious beach party of catchy moments that aim to have you still singing along days after the record stops.

Modern Motives Available Now


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The band wears its influences on its sleeve while still creating big original tunes. The charmingly lazy deliveries of Lou Reed and Stephen Malkmus, the guitar attacks of 2000s indie rock, and the production of artists like Spoon are always informing the sound. The songs however, are all JJY.

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